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I'm going to miss school when we go home. I mean not that i like studying all the time, i dig the break and all.

but like.

i'm going to miss people. So who's gonna miss me? we should all like have a meet up us friends and stuff, and maybe like do some sports or some shit while we're out of school! hell, who wants to come over to my house and play videogames over summer holidays? :) i have all the muggle things.

all of them.

and they are all super duper cool guys so if you arent muggleborn you would TOTES dig my room!

hmm maybe this is a bit too soon to be talkin about. I dunno I was thinking a lot today while I was doing some reading because the reading was boring and all. I mean even though exams are over with and stuff there is still the quidditch final which i'm totally gonna be the awesome HERO MASTER OF AWESOMENESS REPRESENTING MY TEAM for. :)
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[personal profile] brothor 2013-06-07 10:47 am (UTC)(link)
I should hope you'll be the master of awesomeness, Jones.
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[personal profile] brothor 2013-06-14 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
You have the greatest captain, Jones. You must never forget it! The team too is admirable, particularly our other beater, I suppose.

I am fortunate to have all of the eggs in my basket, as I believe the saying goes.

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I do not have to try to be clever, Jones. It comes naturally!

HAHA! I see you finally admit the truth! In such kind words too, I am most honored to hear it.

What relevance does he have to eggs!!!!!?????!?!??!
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[personal profile] starspangledavenger 2013-06-09 10:43 am (UTC)(link)
Well, if you're going to take that title, you better play amazing, because everyone's going to be watching you more than anyone else now.
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I'll have my A+ game on for this game. Can't let those Ravens get bigger heads than they already have, now can we?
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No they can't have the best of both, we'll show them and take them down. Let's bring the Quidditch Cup to Gryffindor.

No, these days they don't. It's thought a long time ago they used to, but not any longer. Or so I've read.
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Never have I thought I could lose so many brain cells reading an entry.
I am equally perplexed at what I've just read and also enticed by the mention of items I am not familiar with.
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I think you have taken my words the wrong way. But you know what? Nevermind you.

[Her head hurts. How did you do this so quickly? It's almost magic, wow.]
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Missing your friends is unlikely to be a problem, I believe. The journals make for easy contact, after all.
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I agree, meeting in person can be much more favorable, particularly when it is a daily opportunity during the school year. But there is no need to fear. Circumstances may keep you apart during this vacation, but you will always meet again in the fall.
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Perhaps it does. I'm afraid advice tends to have that ring to it.
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Yes, unfortunately, you will have to. I hope that does not mean you have broken that rule before.
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I don't believe I've ever seen you write so much at once.
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I couldn't really say.
It's a matter of quantity and quality.
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Why is this even a question?
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Someone has to make things difficult for you or you'll never learn.
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I'm amazed that you've even heard of Socrates.


Perhaps I just like having you around to make me look better.

[Also no.]
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happy to be

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You already got me, what the devil are you talking about a chase for?
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[There's a very long pause after that, but...]

Don't be so ridiculous.