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ellifu [backdated to the quidditch match]

I am incandescently happy right now! Gryffindor, you played beautifully! Never have I seen such skill and glory upon the pitch, you have done your captain and dare I say, your house proud! Surely this will boost us to victory in all areas of the school!

Stark! In case you did not hear me on the pitch, I asked you to suck my Norwegian Ridgeback.  You should be ashamed for such petty moves you insolent manchild, you are certainly lucky not to have been knocked off your broom.

Moving on! I've quite forgotten how many places I've promised to visit through the summer, but I shall also offer my summer-home in Norway! The moose and the vast space of it all makes it quite worth the trip, I assure you all. We must have a party or I shall forget all of your faces.
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Uh. Your guy hit me. So that's all on you, Captain Kangaroo.

Because if you were actually watching me, I was just doing some tight flying maneuvers. Steve seemed fine with it, so really there must have been some missed steps during Gryffindor training.
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What's there to be reprimanded for? I wasn't touching them.

You know, just because I was a some kind of ferret for a few hours, doesn't mean you can use it as an insult. Steve was fine, you were the only one yelling at me on that pitch.
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Of course I know that. But hey, if they have the concentration then what I did was hardly a big deal. And if Steve can handle you, then he can handle me.

No one else has told me it's poor behaviour. Just you, friend.

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Congratulations to your team. With that victory in hand, however, I suggest that you leave the competition behind you on the field.
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I see. Such a history is hard to change, but as long as the two of you go about it good-naturedly, I can see no reason as a teacher to step in.
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Except where it is warranted during a match, I suppose.

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I really must applaud the inventiveness of your insults, Thor.

Occasionally I wonder if Stark is playing for the wrong team.
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Why, thank you.

I believe that may be true on more than one level.
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You're sounding a little bitter, you know.

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Congratulations Mr Odinson! Spectacular flying and leadership. As the former Gryffindor Keeper I am very proud to see the Lion's flag flying high. Though you do know that a real winner is one who not only hoists the cup, but treats his beaten opponents with grace and dignity. Even those who use tricky tactics deserve some respect for having the brains and bravery to carry them out!
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I'm curious; indulge your professor for a bit. How did this...war between you and Mr Stark happen? I'm guessing it stretches a bit more than just Quidditch.
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im expecting the common room to explode in celebration
not to mention for it to go on all night
no studying just partying until the sun rises

gonna have to pass up the chance to go to norway though
too fucking cold for my tastes no offense
i will however gladly accept photos of the place
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ok point
the only studying ive got is whatever i missed in the muggle world
3 whole months to get caught up
still sign me up for partying all night long
next year ill be doing owls and im not looking forward to those
ill take regular old exams any day

i would be extremely happy in a more desert area
norway is definitely not
granted i have never been there so all im thinking of is norway in winter and full of glaciers
are you telling me that its not always full of glaciers and snow
is everything i know about the country a lie

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The game was fantastic! I'm really proud of how we did, even with Stark playing some dirty moves out there. Can't believe I let his tactics get the better of my playing and I missed that goal.

If I can get there, I'd like to take you up on that offer of a party at your place.