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Everyone having fun being back with their families? Endless parties and all that?

[There's a small bite in Alec's heart at the thought of it, but putting up with his grandmother's social affairs is infinitely better than putting up with his mother's preferences for entertainment, far better than putting up with his mother in general.

Far be it for him to say that he misses Hogwarts...but he'd much rather be there, surrounded by people who even if they don't like them, are genuine in their dislike, than he wants to be here.]

My mind's about to rot over.

[Yes, it's only been a week, but it's been a very long-feeling week.]

I don't suppose anyone's done anything interesting.

[Even mocking other people's ideas of interesting seems suddenly better than simply being alone, and bored.]
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I just got back from New York, so yeah kind of endless parties, fundraisers, promotions. But then, nothing really out of the ordinary there.

[Seeing as it's the only time Obadiah has to show of the heir of the company to get extra funding for their projects.]
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Wow, I can feel the disdain there. Mostly muggle, but the occasional wizard ones. Stark Industries caters more to muggles than wizards, what with Dad founding the company and well, being something of an engineering genius.

But hey, they come for the dancing, the drinks, the meals and a chance to see the elusive child prodigy and heir.
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Hey, some of those people do matter, some of them are being lured into Stark Industries, people who fund or supply us. So they do matter.

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Sailing and fishing! That's mostly what I've been up to since I've been home. There's nothing like the rough waves and the fierce winds to really get the blood pumping.
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I wouldn't use the term 'superior', though I suppose you could see it that way!

[He laughs a little.]

I enjoy a good challenge and as much as I like being a teacher, I do miss the days when I was out on the field. There's never a dull moment.
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Or you could outrun the waves. And nothing tastes better than cooking the fish that you catch yourself in my opinion!

Have you ever gone sailing, Mr Campion?
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I'm not entirely sure that I'd call it 'fun'.

[In fact, no, that wouldn't be the word he'd use at all.]
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I wouldn't call the interactions with particular family members entirely pleasant. I imagine it could be worse. I could be bored.
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Particularly when you're not given the opportunity to rectify it.
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Not me. I live alone.

If you're bored you're more than welcome to come with a bunch of us to the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. I don't know what kind of music you're into, but they play mostly Muggle rock and metal.
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[Marshall is completely not bothered by the defensiveness. He understands it all too well.]
Ah, not one for teenage rebellion then I take it? Well, if you change your mind just let me know so I can get your name added to the list for passes.
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What's the saying again? Only boring people get bored?
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What am I insecure about? The fact that you’re having a shitty summer and I’m not? Please.

[Only he wouldn’t be looking for trouble on the journals if he wasn’t bored, but whatever.]
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Man, you have no idea. I have been fighting off packs of zombies over here. It’s insanity. On top of that, I’ve gotten into the habit of stealing cars and cruising in them.

Y’know, average summer. [Spent playing video games….] So yeah. Wait no longer.

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