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o2. ♌

so i was wondering
are there any other anime fans in the school?
i was thinking of maybe marathoning something
and having people over
since i dont think ill be able to make the trip across the pond (┳◇┳)
itd be befur so people still going on the trip can come if theyd like
is that something anyone would be interested in?
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I like a few shows. What do you have?
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Weeeell... I'm more into idols, so most shows are like is stuff about idols or with idols doing the voices.

So, something like... AKB0048, The Idolmaster... Oh, I remember liking Sailor Luna too! Macross Frontier is ok, too.
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It's very cute!

I actually like the soundtrack more than I like the show, but the show's nice.
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Oh, it's pretty slice of life.

Like, most of the characters are idols, so a lot of the episodes are about them doing idol things, like going to photoshoots, on TV shows, and stuff.
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[... Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Sore spot. That's a sore spot right there.

Better dodge the question. There're some inkblots before she replies.]

It's not just about them being cute.

Idols are pretty great, I think. They put on all that hard work to make people smile. That's what I like about idols, at least.

[And yes, yes she does want to become one, but we do not talk about the great audition massacre of last summer.]
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That'd be awesome.
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Holy shit, you sing the song of my people.
Tell me more.
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Classics vary from genre to genre. And depending on the series or movie, they would take days to get through.
That said, if there isn't any Sailor Moon included, I will have my revenge.
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I've heard a little bit about the animes from John and Dirk, but I haven't seen one myself, really.
I'm not sure what I'd like, to be honest.
Do they have mystery ones?
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Ooh, detectives are nice!
I would like to check that one out for certain!
And I'm sure you have some suggestions outside my normal genre pickings that I'll enjoy as well.
I trust your taste, my dear.
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1DK 1F 1 C4N G0 Y37

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