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☠ 008

So then what are everyones plans for the summer? I know that personally i will be taking at least a few weeks off from everything if at all possible after those bloody owls.
Naturally ill start up the summer curriculum homework afterward but golly do i need a break.
Maybe ill go camping. That sounds like a splendid idea. Would anyone like to join me?

--ah, mister Rogers, I think this textbook is yours.

[[ooc; Jake is packing his things in his trunk to leave. Anybody that wants to bother him in his room is also welcome, though the not-network part of this post is directed at Steve.]]
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[Steve looks over at Jake and the textbook for a second before walking over]

Sure is, thanks. [takes it back with a smile] You do know you can call me Steve right?
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You get to see me drool on my pillow often enough, I think it's fine to be on a first name basis. [chuckles]

Somewhat, probably be working for most of it. Mostly just glad O.W.L.s are over. How 'bout yourself?

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It's all good!

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Other than visiting the Strider residence for a short period of time, I don't really have too many things planned.
You are, however, welcome to stay at my villa for however long you wish to stay. Have you ever ridden a horse before? I promise that it is enjoyable as it is exhilarating.
Camping though. Where would you go exactly for it?
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Horses are magnificent creatures. I think you might enjoy it if you rode dingoes. :)
We have a few horses so I'm sure one of them will take to you.

Please do keep me updated. I would like to experience camping at least once. I can't say I've done it before.
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i have no idea
though you should expect to get kidnapped by the strider side of the family once rose is done with you and youre done playing meet the mom
probably heading over to the crockbert residence at some point
mostly it depends on whether or not bros taking us to greece
where would this camping take place
this is a very important question cause knowing you youd suggest camping in the forbidden forest if nobody put a leash on you
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good luck broseph
youre gonna need it
i guess not but its still happening
oh my god no
in dirks place i will fucking tether you to the bed in iron chains and learn the spell that will make it immune to whatever spells you throw at it

O M F G can't

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I may be an unrepentant city kid, but I don't see why not.
I get the feeling I'll need the break, too.
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On the contrary. Haven't you heard of Murphy's law?
That said, I'm sure I can ward it off with my sheer inherited awesomeness.

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camping where?!

[You bet he wants to go.]
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you keep me up to date with the info man, i love a good campout!

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I wouldn't mind getting close to nature.
Assuming we bring an adult along to head off the inevitable assassination attempts.
Which I'm sorry to say, are still rather likely. :B
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[ kind of more than okay with that stuff being prevented! At least anywhere where she might stumble into it!]

I appreciate the sentiment, Jake!
But I rather think outside of the efforts our Strider friends might make with their shitty swords, we wouldn't necessarily have much chance at protecting ourselves without magic.
So having the Professor around would be rather nice.
(Not to mention, he'd probably be a little less strict than my own dad, hoo hoo!)

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can't really say that i really have any plans.
i'm a city dude at heart, so i'm probably just going to go back home and not even think about teaching for awhile.

i'm also certain you did really well on your owls!
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[Hanna is really granted with having the best students around. Some of them are a pain. Then you find ones like Jake. Man. Okay he can say he really likes teaching again.]

count me in then!
i don't think a little camping would hurt anything.
probably some cool stuff out there to explore.
nothing between us and the outdoors.
sounds like one hell of a time!