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dear magical diary: got fuckin WASTED yesterday, shit was cash
until today i mean
bc damn hangovers are a hell of a NOT FUN
note 2 self: lay off the sauce for a while

so besides this partying i am all doing in my moms basement alone with my 100000000000000000 cats
smth interesting happened
got kicked out of beauxbatons
got set up with hoggy
got sent a MAGICAL oh so magical oh so sparkling oh so like a paintchat diary
but like
how does this shit even WORK....
magic is how

anyways the interesting thing that happened
lets talk about that
or write
its like
this owl comes screaming down
sliding thru the air like a hot knife through butter
like a bat out of hell
like steam from boiling water
and just.
slams into the window.
and drops this book down into the garden

im fucking surprised it didnt just break right through i mean it was a BIG OWL
but like
the point is
i got owls screeching n flying into windows
i got cats meowing and running into the patio door
where the fuck are the toads
just hopping and ribbiting and trying to eat flies that are on the other side of the glass
a pathetic site of nature and a mockery of actually getting the dins

anyways i hear my mom so im gonna stop writing
ha ha who is gonna buy that BALONEY bologne balonga?
how the fuck do you spell that shit
this is my abrupt cut off xoxoxoox goodbye
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The magical diary endeavors to inform you that it is really damn bad at keeping secrets, but thanks you nevertheless for sharing your incredible story with the class.
It thinks that 100000000000000000 cats is entirely too fucking many cats, but admires your ability to keep them.
It also returns the xoxoxoox, despite the mistake.
And finally, it says "Welcome to Hogwarts, you crazy diamond."
I can already tell next year is going to be something else.
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Well, now I know.
I suppose one would say you're going to acquire all of the trophies.
For your vast tracks of cabinets.
But if your plan for getting all these trophies involves getting wasted, the only one you're going to get is the "party hard" award.

So, you have a name? Or am I going to have to call you pink ink diamond all year long?

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Drinking is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, actually.
And this isn't a private diary entry, I'm afraid!
My name's Jane.
And I'm sure you'll love Hogwarts!
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I am not a book!
Nor am I a tightass!
And I only said that based on experience anyway!
Tightasses don't generally boogie their way into experience to begin with!

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I'm going to let your language slide just this time, young lady, but don't let me catch you repeating this shocking behaviour at Hogwarts ever again.
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Curse words that any young impressionable student may pick up, given that you made a public post in your journal for everyone to read.


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you got it right the first time
the oscar meyer commercials lied to you all this time
i feel bad for the owl though
not only did it slam into a glass window like a dumbass but it had the misfortune of landing in the middle of a horde of cats
talk about bad luck
btw did you get sorted into your house yet or are they doing that when you actually start school in september
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yeah im glad my brothers werent hardcore cat people
i dont think my owl wouldve survived 5 minutes
staring at it going yum owl for lunch today
screw robins and crows and whatever
its like having a turkey dinner without expecting to get a turkey

its a one time thing at least
all the first years gotta go through it
i was hoping youd be gryffindor but you cant have everything
also yeah id take on a hungarian horntail if it meant avoiding expulsion
might as well get intros outta the way though
im dave

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ho shit this is pink.
I like it.
I mean not for me i aint that kind of guy if you know what I'm saying............
You know what i'm saying.
Reminds me of this one time I turned my bros eyebrows pink and he wouldn't even go near the windows for a week.
Sounds like you got somethin in the water there with all the animals going fucking batshit.
Like really what are you feeding them??
I can see one animal taking a running jump into a glass door but you gotta start loking looking at outside stuff when its all of them.
Wow fuck my spelling haha whats wrong with this quill.
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Aw hell I aint got anythin against pink!!!
suits a lady like you sure enough :)))
But damn, shame for the cats.
A vet should apparate out to you or sth!

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I like to think of the journals as being similar to internet message boards. The difference is that everyone can see what you write unless you filter it.
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Uhh..the responses you're getting aren't from the diary itself..they're from other students.

I'm Marshall Lee. I'll be a sixth year next term in Slytherin house.

He switches to voice post

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aren't you a bit young to be wasted?

[Yes, that is his only question.]
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then that makes total sense.
what's france like? :)


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okay done

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I feel as though the English language is weeping bitterly right now.
Is this how you usually hold yourself through such communications or am I to expect a pleasant surprise?
I'm thinking it's probably the former so need to actually answer that.

I suppose next year will be more interesting than not.
Really though. You went and got yourself kicked out of such a prestigious school. I'm utterly surprised anyone would attempt much less be successful in such an endeavor.

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