Mar. 18th, 2012 05:10 pm
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You can certainly see where some of our special students get their traits from. It should have been called 'Bring yours weirdest freako family member to the castle day'

Not that there aren't enough freaks here already.

I told Mother not to come, it's not like I'm a first year anymore. I did send her a gift for Mothering Sunday though. A trip to a spa, that way she can work on those tiny wrinkles.
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Definitely not my best work, but I wrote a bit of a song today. Maybe this would be the chorus... I'm not sure.

I love the way you get me
But, correct me if I'm wrong
This is not a love song
No, not a love song
I love the things you do
It's how you do the things you love
The way you sing it
With me through it
I guess I always knew it
I love the way you get me
But, correct me if I'm wrong
This is not a love song
No, not a love song
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So, Hogsmeade went okay. And Valentine's Day wasn't a total disaster. It's safe to say I survived February.
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[shabbily filtered away from teachers]
Mouths are puckering, boy entrancers are fluttering, and luuuuurve is in the air!

To get to the short and the short of it, as a public service Cas and I have decided to host a SNOGGING PARTY. It is this thing where you show up, grab a number and get snogging! Don't have a snoggee? WELL, you could prepare for a life all aloney on your owney and become a Buddhist monk, or if you look naff in orange you could meet one there! It will be fabby and marvy and also double cool with knobs on.

And because we know that some of you spend all of your days doing daft things like Arithmancy homework and have never used your gobs for anything other than shoveling food in them, we have provided a scale for you to research beforehand:


It will be on the 10th, but not NUMBER 10, if you catch my drift (and I think you do). Be there if you don't want to be as lonely as an elk.


Feb. 1st, 2012 01:09 am
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So let me just start this off by saying I hate February.

Snow. Fun. Yay?

In other news, I joined the Quidditch team. I bet I'm definitely not like other girls now.

I'm the new Chaser. I need a new broom, though! My old current isn't gonna be fast enough, so I'll probably sell my old guitar to pay for it. As sad as it makes me to sell such a big piece of history... Anyway, do any of you guys have advice as far as models? I've got some gold saved up, so with the funds from my guitar, I should be able to afford a fairly decent one.

Also, don't think I'm going to be neglecting the band. Stephen and I are still trying to work out a few creative differences, but I think a merging is gonna happen. Maybe. It depends.

On this date... thing

Speaking of Stephen, I need to talk to you about something.

[[OOC: Those strikes are unhackable.]]


Jan. 26th, 2012 12:34 am
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Alright, ew.

There's a lizard stuck in the hollow of my guitar. And I can't get it out. I don't even know how he got in there in the first place! It doesn't look like it would even be able to fit inbetween the strings to get in there.

And then there's the fact I have to wash everything I own now, because I'm not all that comfortable wearing things that lizards have crawled all over. So can someone hurry up and deal with this, please?

I'd definitely appreciate it.
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You know, January's almost over, and February's coming up. Guess that means Valentine's Day is coming up. And, you know, if anyone's having a party or if there's gonna be a dance, I might know where you can get a band.


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